Another trip full of inspiration!

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Right around the time I met with Owen, I took my son on a trip to Pittsburgh, PA.


Among other places, we visited the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. We visited mainly because my son was obsessed with Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs in Their Time is the first permanent exhibition in the world to feature scientifically accurate environments filled with actively posed original fossil specimens arranged chronologically spanning the Mesozoic Era.

3dinosaur 3digging

To my pleasant surprise, they also had a huge exhibit showcasing rough gems and minerals.



Their showcase made me appreciate all of the hard work that goes into the jewelry making process. The stones themselves begin their journeys billions of years ago forming deep within the earth. Miners then painstakingly search and excavate the roughage. Their rough findings then need to be cut, shaped, and polished all before they are even thought of being made into something wearable. Much like in the jewelry markets of China, I found myself in sheer awe and left yearning for more knowledge.

As soon as we got back from our vacation, I took my son to get a haircut by his barber (@retro_wave_pome on Instagram) at All Pro Cuts in Clearwater, FL. He also happens to be a really good bboy and running partner. He knew I was interested in getting a job in a jewelry store, as Owen suggested, and called several on my behalf while I was out of town. Such a thoughtful gesture! One interview later and BAM! I was on my way or so I thought.


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