March is here! And so is aquamarine!

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I don't think it is any coincidence that one of my favorite gemstones is Aquamarine being that one of my favorite things about living in Florida is being surrounded by gorgeous beaches with beautiful blue seas. Aquamarine derives from the Latin word Aqua meaning water and Marinus meaning of the sea. Aquamarines come in a wide range of blue colors with the majority being light blue. 

Aquamarines can often be confused with Blue Topaz and the easiest way to differentiate between the two would be to use a diamond/gemstone tester. While you more than likely do not have one of these laying around at home, your local jeweler will and shouldn't have any problems testing your stones for you free of charge. Like Emeralds and the newly popular Morganite, Aquamarines are of the Beryl family and has a lower thermal conductivity than Topaz making it easy to distinguish between the two.

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