My first sale!

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I took a trip to St. Augustine for Thanksgiving and decided to start advertising via Facebook on Black Friday. While I only posted to my followers, I was still able to generate my first sale! While the sale was exciting, it still was only one sale and I had much more work to do... I received a great review on the quality of the product but I still was not making any money. While expenses are low with an ecommerce site, you still have expenses to account for. I hadn't quite set up the taxes appropriately, so I lost out a little more on that first sell. With that being said, I learned from that mistake and made sure to adjust accordingly for the future. I also wanted to keep my prices low, so that meant much smaller margins. I am OK with that for now as I am more concerned with building the brand.

My second sale came just a few days later and it was from a customer who saw my facebook ad. She ordered a pair of earrings for her daughter, but wrote on the post that they were too small and were for a baby and not a young girl. That also prompted me to thoroughly go through each and every item and give better more clear descriptions of the items. I also began creating menus and sub-menus (baby, little girl/boy, big girl/boy and teen). With being an online only business you really have to be specific so that the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing or you will encounter returns. I did reach out to that customer and she never responded back nor returned the item. Maybe she passed it off to a friend or niece.. who knows...

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