Finishing Touches

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Once I chose my pieces, I began uploading all of the photos, descriptions and prices into my website. When doing so, you have to be sure your content is optimized for search engines. This has to be done very strategically. You must be sure to name all of you photos with exactly what is featured in them. You also have to make sure you use your "keywords" in the titles and descriptions. I read several articles and watched countless videos on SEO and crossed my fingers that it will work. One thing I have learned is there is no such thing as an overnight sensation. Marketing companies will prey on new businesses and you can waste a ton of money with no return. There is no get rich quick formula when running an ecommerce site. It is all about updating regularly and longevity. The longer you have been around the better and the more you update your content the better. That is another reason for this blog. Not only do you get an inside peek into my company, but it also helps my ranking on search engine websites.

There are many apps you can use through Shopify that help you optimize by scrubbing your website and looking for errors or missing information. I have utilized many and would recommend the free app "Plug in SEO". There are also other free apps you can use to help organize your inventory. Other useful apps I use are Product Review and Infinite Options. Product Reviews allows your customers to post product reviews after they have received their item. Infinite Options allows you to set up various menus and options within your products' pages such as allowing them to add text to their order for engraving or other personalizations.

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