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Looking back at the good days of being able to spend quality time with friends was really beginning to wear on me. While working all the time makes great progress...I hadn't spent much time with my friends. It is very frustrating being in a position where you have to work so much just to survive and constantly feel guilty for not spending time with the people around you. I decided to take my long time best friend up on a short trip to Miami and clear my head. We attended the Legends of Wrestling and I got to meet a lot of "legends" most of who I have never heard of.

It really makes a big difference stepping away for a moment and just live. When you engulf yourself in work and the hustle and bustle of being a mother... you seem to start losing yourself. People step away and you start to feel extremely lonely. I realized that I NEED to take time away from the chaos and take time to live freely. I felt so much better once I got back home and was ready to get back on my mission.

I continued working on building my website from scratch when I ran into another blast from the past who put me on to an e-commerce platform Shopify. I ditched the build my website from scratch idea and signed up! It took a huge burden off my back being that I just had to make a few minor tweaks to the look and I was now able to focus on the next step: choosing my inventory.

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